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Summer is winding down and looks like Fall is coming whether we like it or not! This is the time of the year when the field operators get really busy doing last minute hook ups for people who still want to receive rural water before freeze-up. Please remember that not only are our field operators busy, but the contractors that we use to do the excavation work are also swamped with last minute requests. If you are looking to install rural water yet this fall, make sure you contact the excavator very soon! If you are having trouble finding one, please contact the office or look at our web-site for our Contractor's List available under Membership Info with phone numbers to help you.

Remember that Southeast Water Users District has 3 divisions to the area.  We call them SE-East, SE-Central and SE-West.  Different service fees apply to each area so if you have questions of actually where your rural site is located in the system, or need to know different rates etc., please give the office a call and someone will be glad to help you.   photo gallery.

SE - East

Busy...busy....busy!! Last minute hook ups are keeping the boys hopping! And locates galore from the ND One-call Center. Please be aware that if you dig ANYTHING OR ANYWHERE, you are required by law to call ND One-call at 811. SEWUD just had a bid opening on the 26th of Aug. for a new Booster Station "O" near Wahpeton. The contract was awarded to Swanberg Construction out of Valley City and may start this fall or early next spring.

SE - Central

Same in this division with all the last minute hook-ups and locates. Field Operator, Paul will soon be helping his West area field operator in reading pasture taps. The operator would also like to reiterate the same thing that the office personnel always remind people to make sure they read their meters each & every month or a $5 penalty is assessed to your account.

SE - West

Ditto here in this division also. Field Operator, Troy has also been busy with plans for an addition to Reservoir D in his territory. This was also up for bids and contracted out to PKG out of Fargo. Again, the construction might start this fall or early next spring. Pasture Tap readings will begin later this month. Please make sure the field operators can have access to these sites for readings.

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