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SEWUD - West Reservoir D Expansion

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SEWU - West Reservoir D Expansion

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As always,it's a busy here at SEWU!  This time of the year we have a number of calls to the office requesting new water memberships.  This means that the contractors in the area are extremely busy too!  If you are considering the installation of rural water to a location, you need to call the office with your legal description so that we can see availability to our line and estimate a cost for you.  We are always looking for new consumers to have access to good quality water!

If you plan on digging anywhere on your property, remember IT IS THE LAW to CALL BEFORE YOU DIG!  All you need to do is dial 811 with your legal description and the project you are planning to do and the ND One-Call Center will notify the utility companies in that area.  If you have already hired a contractor, he may do this for you.

Remember that Southeast Water Users District has 3 divisions to the area.  We call them SE-East, SE-Central and SE-West.  Different service fees apply to each area so if you have questions of actually where your rural site is located in the system, or need to know different rates etc., please give the office a call and someone will be glad to help you.   photo gallery.

SE - East

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  That's what is going on in the all three divisions of the Southeast Water Users District.  Progress has been made on the new Reservoir O located near Wahpeton, ND.  Swanberg Construction has been doing the construction and is nearing completion.  This will help the areas near Wahpeton with water supply and pressure where we were having some problems due to the number of users in that area.  Service calls are always #1 on our list too!  If you are having any problems, please don't hesitate to give us a call so we can rectify the situation if it is something to do with our meter packages or water quality.  Remember that the "meter package" is from shut-off valve to shut-off valve, inclusive.  Anything before or after is up to the homeowner.  Again, please call if you are having problems.  We cannot fix anything if we don't know about it!

SE - Central

Same thing goes in the SE -Central division as Paul is working at new additions and mapping.  This is always a long and tedious process, but the field operators are working with AE2S, our engineering firm, to make sure that new maps are made so that we can keep track of where the water lines are.  Paul is also busy helping co-operator Troy from the west division, doing some repair work on some pumps and cleaning of the tanks.  It takes 2 operators to accomplish these things and Troy and Paul work together quite often.  We are also lowering some water lines in the area and there will be small windows of water outage due to that.  We hope that the experience is not too long.  As with everything else, progress comes along with a little pain along the way.  Please bare with us.   

SE - West

Not to sound repiticious, but same goes here.  Also busy with maintaining reservoirs and making sure things keep running smoothly.  Troy is busy trying to fill the new expansion to Reservoir D.  That expansion involves 100,000 gallons of more storage so that we can keep up during peak times of use in that area.  Again, please have patience as we are trying to improve the quanity of water supply due to high usage for spraying, filling pools etc.  We all love the little bit of time we get to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine and we have to "pack it in" in a short time frame!

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