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Congratulations to LaVonne Althoff on 25 years of service with Southeast Water Users District.  In the above photo, you see the new jacket that was presented to Lavonne at the recent Annual Meeting at the Lisbon Eagles just north of town.  The Staff and Board of Directors wish to thank LaVonne for all the work she has done the past 25 years...and that's a lot!!  

The 41st Annual Meeting was held Wedenesday, March 11th in Lisbon ND.  The meeting was fairly well attended.  It was a gorgeous day outside so I'm sure a lot of people were out trying to get some outside work done.  A number of door prizes were drawn for and everyone that attended got a least one, if not two, items.  Darin, from Eide Bailly auditing firm was on hand to present the yearly audit report and Brian and Richard from our engineering firm of AE2S were on hand to present a very interesting program on how important water quality is in brewing beer!    The three directors whose terms expired this year, Sandi Rupp, LaVonne Althoff and Larry Schultz, were unanimously elected to serve another 3 year term.  Coffee and cookies were served after the meeting.  If you would like to see a few pictures of the annual meeting, please click on the photo gallery link below under Annual Meeting 2015.

Remember that Southeast Water Users District has 3 divisions to the area.  We call them SE-East, SE-Central and SE-West.  Different service fees apply to each area so if you have questions of actually where your rural site is located in the system, or need to know different rates etc., please give the office a call and someone will be glad to help you.   photo gallery.

SE - East

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  That's what is going on in the all three divisions of the Southeast Water Users District.  We made it through another long North Dakota winter without too many glitches in the road, so here's to better days ahead.  The construction of a new Booster "O" by Wahpeton has broken ground.  This is needed to keep up the pressure for a number of individuals near the Wahpeton area where concentrations of farm homes has grown.  Swanberg Construction of Valley City has been awarded the job.

SE - Central

Same thing goes in the SE -Central division as Paul is working at new additions and mapping.  This is always a long and tedious process, but the field operators are working with AE2S, our engineering firm, to make sure that new maps are made so that we can keep track of where the water lines are.  Paul is also busy helping co-operator Troy from the west division, doing some repair work on some pumps and cleaning of the tanks.  It takes 2 operators to accomplish these things and Troy and Paul work together quite often.    THINK SPRING!! 

SE - West

Not to sound repiticious, but same goes here.  Also busy with maintaining reservoirs and making sure things keep running smoothly.  Also preparing for the new expansion to the reservoir to add extra storage of 100,000 gallons of water, so that we can better keep up with demand at high peak times.   THINK SPRING!!

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