Welcome To SEWU Online!

Thank goodness the long winter is over, spring is here and summer is just around the corner! After a very long and cold winter, Southeast Water Users is regrouping and getting things back on track. Thanks once again to all the people out there that helped us through the tough winter with freeze-ups and letting the water run so that we didn't have any more frozen lines that what we did have. It was a first for SE H2o and hopefully a last!!

That being said, the field operators are very busy with ND One-Call locates. This time of the year there is a lot of construction and excavation happening in all three systems, so that keeps all the guys on their toes.

SE - East

With the influx of new members and an increased water demand near Wahpeton, Southeast has decided to construct a new reservoir. This reservoir should help keep the present water supply flowing well and will keep pressure up in the troubled area west and north of Wahpeton.

SE - Central

Field Operator Paul is busy doing summer locates. This summer he will also be checking on some meters for readings that have not been submitted for a while. If you see a note on your door, please contact the office or Paul to set up a time to have your meter read.

SE - West

Field Operator Troy is also busy doing summer locates. Also there has been a new water storage tank added to Reservoir D - west of Edgeley, The new storage will help with the demand for water at peak times this year and the years to follow.

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