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Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Winter is here to stay and although lately it has been a little warmer, we all know what is to come!  Remember to keep your meter in a
frost-free place so that nothing freezes.  If you are one of our "snowbirds", please make sure that the water is off in the house (using your shut-off valves on your meter package) or have the curb-stop shut off outside by one of our field operators.  We don't want anyone to have water issues while they are gone.  You also need to call the office to figure out how the billing will be handled while you are gone.  We have lots of different options to fit eveyone's busy lives, so make sure to call us!!

Remember that Southeast Water Users District has 3 divisions to the area.  We call them SE-East, SE-Central and SE-West.  Different service fees apply to each area so if you have questions of actually where your rural site is located in the system, or need to know different rates etc., please give the office a call and someone will be glad to help you.   photo gallery.

SE - East

Outside work has settled down now, so the field operators are busy trying to "catch up" on paperwork, maps and making sure the reservoirs are all up to standard and working properly.  The office is busy as usual as the weather doesn't affect us as much.  The end of the year is always a busy time.  We here at the main office would like to wish all of you and your families a Happy Holiday Season filled with good health and good fortune!!

SE - Central

Paul, SE - Central's field operator had been helping his co-worker in the West division with reading the pasture taps.  Those have now been completed for the year and water usage from them was another normal year.  This always takes some time for the operators and also some cooperation from owners, so they appreciate the help that they receive.  Paul is also busy catching up on paperwork, map work etc.  From Paul and the SE - Central dvision a wish for Happy Holidays also!

SE - West

Troy, SE - West field operator was busy reading all the pasture taps that this division has.  With that being completed, he is now working on a lot of paperwork, mapping & checking reservoirs to make sure things run smoothly in the cold weather.  This division will be seeing a new expansion being built to one of the existing reservoirs next spring.  The expansion will be adding a 100,000 gallon reserve tank to the reservoir so that we can keep everyone supplied with quality water.  From Troy and the SE - West dvision another wish for a Happy Holiday Season!

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